1.1 Update: Privateers’ Cavern and Balance Improvement

Nano Empire 1.1 launched today!

First, I added a new location, the Privateers’ Cavern, bringing the total number of locations to 21. The Privateers’ Cavern increases your plunder in combat and offers powerful benefits for acting outside the law… with consequences.

Also, I’ve received feedback that enemy attacks were too brutal; that once you lose, you can’t recover because the enemies keep coming before you can build up your defense. It was possible to survive this situation by slowly increasing your production and attacking the enemy to plunder defense, as the enemy’s attack increases minimally after winning a battle, but I can see how this was not very fun. In response, I’ve added one minute of guaranteed peace after an enemy defeats you, before the random encounter schedule resumes. This extra time is cancelled if you attack the enemy. Also, if you lose severely enough, you will receive extra defense as a gift from neighboring worlds. Don’t let this change make you complacent though, because the more battles you win, the stronger the enemy becomes!

I hope this update makes Nano Empire a more enjoyable experience. Your feedback is always appreciated. Email jsenter.games@gmail.com and I’d be glad to discuss any aspect of the game with you.